Banana Peels on the Tracks

In the autumn of 1992, just three years after the Berlin Wall came down, Jason Lockwood arrived in the Slovak Republic to teach English for a year. He went with few expectations and too much luggage. What he found was a torn country grasping at new beginnings, struggling to recover from decades of oppression and dictatorship.

In this memoir, Jason Lockwood brings back for Western audiences a snapshot of an historic period in a far-off country, and offers prescriptions not only for that world, but for our own, too.

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Benfica to Brazil - cover

“One Olympics, three World Cups, a dozen countries, and a thousand stories.”

‘Benfica to Brazil’ is the book of one man’s travels as he follows the FIFA World Cup and his passion for people, sports and adventure around the world.

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Reading this feels like you’re sitting on a porch swing with a trusted uncle who is offering advice for everyone, no matter what age. It’s a look at how to move gracefully from employment to retirement and continue to have a fulfilling life.


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