Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for your IT Services?

We understand you've spent your hard earned money in your technology, so spending more just to use them seems annoying. We offer very reasonable rates for IT support and back this up with a "no fix, no fee" guarantee. Generally for set up services we charge $110 per hour (incl GST), and bill every half-hour, with a minimum of one hour.

What happens if you take less than an hour?

Most issues can be resolved in under an hour, so we encourage you to take advantage of Steven while he is there to solve some other problems or maybe get a lesson in how to do something on your computer.

What if you can't fix my computer?

The type of problem and the age of the computer, will determine whether your computer can be fixed or not. For an older device, it may well be better to buy a new one instead of repairing it. If you do buy a new computer, then you can use the time to perform a backup and come back at a later date to restore and set up your new system and data.

What if it takes longer than an hour?

Most issues can be resolved in the first hour. If it's going to take longer, Steven will probably know within the first 15 minutes. Steven will be able to provide some advice and guidance on what can be done so you can decide how to proceed.

Why is there a minimum one-hour charge?

This covers my travel time and basic operational costs!

How can I trust you?

Trust is important and it's reasonable to expect that you want to know who I am before we do business or before I visit your home. Here is my Fit2Work badge which you can use to verify who I am and download a Criminal History Background Check Report.

Fit2work Badge

Click on the badge or this link! You will need my mobile phone number to access the report. +61 408 668 908

Do you charge a call out fee or travel time?

No, this in all included in the minimum fee of $110 (incl GST) for the first hour or part thereof.